Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Humidity Spectrum

Mileage: 446
Days: 44
Remaining: 46
Average Daily Mileage: 10.1

I've fallen behind. Today I rode out to the parking lot by the shooting range. No wildlife to be seen. The last two days I was in west Texas on a well site. Returned this morning, much too early for my taste. It was hot out there, around 95. Tuesday afternoon a bunch of desert thunderclouds began to whip up, dotting the sky. So different from Tucson but from the group up it was familiar -- and I mean both the sky and the run-down and dirty city. Midland-Odessa is not shining city on a hill (but I like the place). I got my Rosa's Cafe fix -- gotta have #55, the sour cream enchiladas, although if you're hungry you'll need a second helping.

I like to drive through oil country. Strong-smelling wafts of hydrogen sulfide. Pumping units dot the landscape, some nodding and some deep asleep or decrepit. The well we were on is about 6600' deep, over a mile. I had a map of the oilfield so I'd pick out a well a mile away -- that's pretty far away -- and imagine the hole in the ground at my feet going down that far, and then some. And 6600' is not a deep well nowadays -- it's quite average.

The light is different in the desert. It's brighter, yes, but it's whiter too. It brings out contrasts. The desert light seems clean and well-scrubbed.

Back in Houston, here are some office views outta my office windder:

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