Monday, July 12, 2010

Midland, Part Two: House Hunting

Stopped in Midland on the way out to Colorado to look at some houses.  Spent about five hours with Realtor while Sabkha cooled her heels in the Odessa Studio6.  Then a monumental thunderstorm came in.  Here are some Midland pics:
The "Duck Pond" along "A" Street in central Midland.  From here to the west along Harvard and Princeton is the nicest area I saw in Midland.  Lots of redone houses, many with architectural flair

Duck pond.
Subaru parked outside house for lease for $2300/mo.  But it has great view of downtown over duck pond.
Typical nicer fixed-up house in Duck Pond area.
Another fixed-up house.
A great big tree.
Downtown Midland, lots of deserted buildings with "For Lease" signs on them.  Cool buildings!
I like it.
Future blogs on the various buildings downtown Midland.  Several have been recently destroyed.

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Plants Amaze Me said...

Midland looks much different at ground level than Bing maps, taller.
Cool buildings maybe you could live in one of them?