Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

I love downhill skiing.  Or any type of skiing.  But I forget this each summer, and each winter I am afraid again.  Afraid of the mountain.  Or maybe I just don't think I'll have fun.  Or maybe I know I'll get cold.

In my quest to Have Fun in Midland, Texas (aka The City That Is Five Hours From Everything), I joined the local rather active group the Flatlanders Ski Club.  Almost immediately, they had a long weekend trip to Pagosa Springs, CO, about a nine hour drive from Midland.  I signed up.

A couple of passengers decided to ride along with me.  A mother and daughter pair from Odessa.  It was nice to have company!  Made the trip go by much faster.  We stopped in Santa Fe each way and wandered around the main square.  First time we ate at The Shed, New Mexico style Mexican.  Yummy.  I recommend the red sauce over the green.

The group was fun.  We were all assigned to various condos.  By sharing the condos, the per-person price is very low.  Wolf Creek ski area was nice, mainly because we got a bunch of powder (as we were driving up there).  On the first day I skied solo.  I took a lesson and it was one-on-one.. not very busy the weekend before Christmas.  In my lesson I learned "pole plants", which transformed my skiing.  I still have trouble on blacks or really steep blues... just need more practice.

The second day up I skied with a couple from the Odessa area.  We had a lot of fun, and got off-trail at one point, in the trees, in very deep powder.  We got separated at one point and I got stuck in neck-deep snow.  It took everything I had to gradually crawl my way out.  Luckily I had cell contact the entire time so I knew I could get help if needed, and I could keep Debi updated on my plight. 

Trips are more fun with other people.  I look forward to going on another Flatlander trip soon.

Yep, like most ski trips I didn't take any pictures worth posting.


Plants Amaze Me said...

I guess some things are better to be in the dark about!

D. West Davies said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Pagosa Springs.