Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Inferno

It is summertime in West Texas.  A few weeks ago, we came within one day of setting the record for number of days over 100 degrees.  One day we touched 110 F.  Normally, this would be the time of the year that I head to the mountains every weekend.  Too bad the Lincoln National Forest in NM is closed due to fire danger.  Getting stir-crazy here in Midland, I looked back through my photos from this spring and realize I went somewhere almost every weekend, or every other at least.  Summertime is for planning fall, winter and spring trips.  At least when the forest is closed.

Flying is difficult when it's hot.  It's not as easy to take off (less dense air), and it gets very unpleasant in the Diamond 20 over about 95 F... no A/C of course.

I could get up early to ride my motorcycle at Kermit dunes or Outback Adventure Track, but do you think I'm really going to get up early?

So, I've been reading my pilot books, studying, and watching a little Netflix.  Trying to walk Sabkha a bit but she usually has a seizure.  Yesterday I got to meet my friends new baby, Alejandra.  That little baby is so cute! Two months old.

I have been out of town a bit recently.  A few weeks ago I went to Dallas to watch an Indycar race with an old friend from Tucson.  I found out he now has a Tacoma and an S2000.  I drove my MX-5 to Dallas; he was expecting my new Tacoma.

Last week I spent in South Carolina on a coastal processes field trip run by Schlumberger.  Blogs posts to come.  In a few weeks I'll be in Dallas for an AAPG workshop.  It's hot here.  I can't wait for some rain and/or cooler temps.

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Plants Amaze Me said...

It has been "hot" here in Michigan too, high 80's sometimes a 90 thrown in.
It's fine if you are just sitting in front of a fan but to go out and do anything, too hot.
Well except for splashing in Lake Michigan which is what I think I'll do right now, Bye!