Thursday, September 01, 2011


I now have about 35 hours, about 30 of that in the Diamond 20 out of Schlemeyer in Odessa, TX.  I've done two cross-country flights with my instructor.  The first was to Alpine, TX then to Ft Stockton and back to KODO.  The second was to Lubbock then to Seminole and KODO, the last two legs at night.  Our last dual was from KODO to KMAF, Midland International.  A week later, today, I flew solo from ODO to MAF.  It went pretty well, with only one "say again" from me... and one misunderstanding corrected by ATC.  It was a blast!  I was very intimidated on the ground, and that made me realize this was something I needed to do -- fly solo into Class C airspace.  Intimidation = learning experience.  Who needs more pattern work or more maneuver practice (S turns, turn around a point, etc.?).  I love slow flight and stalls... it's always been the radio that gave me trouble -- and not too much trouble.  Last Friday Sabkha, for whom this blog is named, was put down by the vet.  I think a tribute blog is coming once I get over her a little more.

What's next in flight?  Another ride with Josh, then two solo cross-countries.  The first to Marfa (yay!) and Pecos and back.  The second, unknown.  My Private Pilot checkride and license is only a month or six weeks away, if I want it to be.  There's no hurry though.  I love to fly and it's fun to take lessons, why would I be in a rush?  After I get my Private Pilot certif, I aim to fly 50 hours solo x-country in the next 6-9 months.  Then I can go for an IFR rating, allowing me to fly in clouds.  After than another 250 hours or so and I can try for a commerical license.  Maybe, but that's a long ways off.  One step at a time.


Plants Amaze Me said...

You are up in the sky flying and I don't even know exactly when, that's probably best. Mothers have to worry.

Good dog Sabkha, what a great companion she was for many years. She will be missed, it will be sad but good to read a tribute blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh Andy, what a trying time you've had. It's good to remember all the happy trips with Sabkha. Miles and miles of walking together, exploring new places. And now, you'll be flying alone but, as you say, it'll be a learning experience. It's great to be doing something you love. That's what life is all about. I enjoy reading about it! M :)