Sunday, March 04, 2012


Debi's grandma passed away.  She decided to go to England for the funeral.  She would be gone for one week. I would watch Mary during that week.  That week is now.  Debi is one her way back and will be home sometime this evening.

Hannah, all-American baby, being exceptionally cute

More of same

Debi left on Saturday.  Weekend one, we went to look at my airplane with Ben, Tonia and their kids.  The airplane is at Schlemeyer Airport in Odessa, TX.  The kids loved sitting in the plane, trying on the headset and banging around the controls.  They had fun.

Kids play "rock the plane"

Ben, Tonia and Hannah enjoy the spacious Cessna 150 cockpit

Too bad I have not been flying much.  I tried for a solo cross-country, even took an afternoon off work.  But it was too windy.  Instead, I flew with my instructor to Monahans and back.  It was a blustery, uncomfortable day in the air.  Such conditions are confidence-shattering for this new pilot.

On the way to Monahans we had a stiff headwind.  I followed I-20 for a while, heading west.  From the pilot's seat I could look down and see the cars and trucks on the freeway.  They were overtaking us and slipping ahead.

@ Monahans airport (Ray Hurd Memorial)

After a potty break at Monahans we headed straight back to Odessa with a nice tailwind.  Coming into land I was utterly confused about which runway we intended to use.  I got all turned around.  Figured it out, coming in for a serious crosswind landing, gusty.  I felt like I had it nailed, but at the last few seconds Josh grabbed the controls.  This really annoys me.  If he doesn't let me land the plane, even badly, I learn nothing.  In fact I just learn bad habits.

Now the 150 is in maintenance, or it should be soon.  It's getting a new windshield, possibly new tires, and an altimeter adjustment.

I still dream of long weekends of flying over Big Bend.  But I feel my training has been foundering.  The next hurdle is the FAA Private Pilot written exam.  I'm good at exams, but I am poor at consistent studying over several weeks.  I'm feeling a bit stalled, especially with the plane in maintenance for another 1-2 weeks.

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Plants Amaze Me said...

Aw, your airplane is so cute and so is Hannah, she must be about Vivienne's age, right.
Here is yet another reason to visit, as if you weren't enough of a reason. We could met Anna, your airplane, and your Big Bend property! Also I see on Bob's Z. Blog the blue bonnets are blooming in Big Bend, hm.