Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moss Creek Lake

There's a little reservoir east of Big Spring, TX called Moss Creek Lake.  Just big enough to scoot around on a jet ski.  We went there on a blustery Saturday.  West Texas spring must be here, because the wind is blowing.  72 degrees seems pretty warm on land, but go out on the lake and get soaked with spray, and you will freeze.  I did.

Mary rode with me for one or two laps of the lake.  The water level was fairly high and the water seemed pretty clean.  No other boats were out on the water, although some campers had kayaks pulled up on the shore.  Mary tired of riding so she went ashore to ride bikes with her mom.

Mare & me

We tried to splash Debi, who stayed on shore

Jet skiing is fun. But also cold.  Mary got off, then I could open it up.
Taking a break, rain clouds in distance!

The wind gathered speed and it got too choppy to have fun riding.  Debi backed the trailer into the water so I could load up.  We headed back to Midland after driving a bit through downtown Big Spring to check out the newly reopened Settles Hotel.

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