Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The news from Houston:

Work with the big oil company is good. I like my work. I have my own office. They change the trash everyday. My colleagues are competent, hardworking, and friendly.

I'm trying to finish my PhD this semester. This will mean wrapping up two papers in the next month, then defending a few days after my intership.

In my scads of free time, I went to Fry's Electronics and bought a cool Japanese toy kit. I assembled it and *presto* I have a bulldozer. It's controlled by a wired remote. It's fun to drive around. I was able to pick up this plastic burger. Yum!I've been exploring Houston. Despite my attempts to hate the town, I like it. Things I've done in the first month: sailing racing yacht on Galveston bay, Mozart Opera, Ginger Man bar, several restaurants, Millie Bush dog park, made movie with new vid cam, swamping in Barker Reservoir, reading "Battleship Earth", Orienteering near Conroe (a few hours late), 18 holes of golf near Austin (a first), lots of decent mountain biking nearby, running, flying lesson (see previous entry).

Running. After my attempt at a marathon 3.5 years ago, I haven't done much of that. Here I am about to go out into the balmy night, earlier tonight. Note the poster picture of the Galiuro Mts.
Sabkha is hanging in there. She wants a yard. Here she is, scarfing some chop-chop.

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