Friday, February 23, 2007

Mine Klein

I walk at night up to some vacant land at Eldridge and Briar Forest. Sab gets to run around there. I can see the buildings at Westlake lit up. They look like rockets ready for takeoff.

I paid 60 bucks to get my Klein adjusted and cleaned up. I don't have any of my tools or cleaning equipment in Houston. They did a decent job.
Back in the day, I used to really love my bikes. My first "good" mountain bike was a Bridgestone MB-6. How I drooled over that thing! I still have the frame, which is now powder-coated a grass green color. I like my Klein. It's a great, light bike. The shock is so supple and smooth. But I don't drool over the Klein. I should. What happened to the magic of childhood? Sometimes I do still taste it... it comes in a flash and is gone as quickly.


mooTi22 said...

You haven't yet developed a relationship with the Klein. It may or may not happen. It never really happened for me with my Litespeed. I don't really have it with my Santa Cruz, although she is a beautiful ride. My Surly 1x1? Yes, already I love her and she is still in the stand. My Airborne Ti sans decals? Yes. Love her too.

Maybe the Klein is a stepping stone. Maybe a rebound. You just can't force the love, brother.

Neil and Diana said...

Hi Andrew! I am excited to see new posts because I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are and planning to write you. Of course, I get the idea to write you when I am in my car on the way to work, or in the middle of the grocery store, so my mind and a pen/paper haven't exactly been in the same place at the same time yet. But they draw nearer.

Anyway, we miss you and hope you're having fun in Houston. Sounds like it, from your posts (especially flying!), which makes me happy.

The weather here has been 60-ish and mildly drizzly. Not too shabby. I just picked up the last few months of disposable-camera pics, including ones of our most recent hike together, so check our blog soon and I'll have some posted. I am glad you're having adventures.