Sunday, January 27, 2008

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It's been a long time. I moved back to Arizona in April. I finished my PhD in August. With my dad's help, I moved all my stuff to Houston. I started work in September. I finally found an acceptable house and bought it in October. My first scientific paper was published in January (link to pdf).
Hey, look at that garage!

There are others in Houston who are longing for adventure.

There are others longing for the sky. (Ok, a little poetic license there, I'm not really longing for the sky, although I'm planning to start for my private pilot's license soon).

Today I rode my bike out along the levee of the Barker Reservoir, just 2000' west of my house. I'll post some pictures of the swamp here sometime. Excited?

Tomorrow I go to a ranch near Bandera, TX for a business meeting. I'm excited to see a little topography!

Yesterday I discovered a pipe was leaking water into my attic. (No link for that).

This blog needs a new name... ok, now it's got one.

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