Sunday, February 17, 2008

Era of the Forgotten Camera

I've had a number of adventures lately, but few pics to prove it. Today Debi, Mary and I went to Double Lake Recreation Area, up near Coldspring, TX and Lake Livingston. It rained like crazy yesterday, but the ghorba website said this place was sandy and actually improves with some rain. Double Lake is a nice little place, almost deserted on this Sunday afternoon. Sabkha stayed at home because I thought it would be hot and didn't want to leave her in the car while we rode. We took two mountain bikes and the Burly-esque trailer of Debi's. Then we bombed down singletrack with Mary in tow in the trailer! It was great fun. I only clipped a tree once. Most of the time Mary was yelling "faster, faster!". We rode maybe 7 or 8 miles of singletrack and Debi commented on how fun it was. It reminded me of Michigan. Slightly sandy singletrack with some roots but few other obstacles. There were some really muddy sections. The mud sprayed off my rear wheel and covered the front of the trailer so Mary could barely see. After 8 miles I was pretty beat. We drove past L. Livingston, which is quite large to the point of being somewhat impressive. It felt like a long drive back, but this place deserves a camping weekend sometime soon. And I only rode through two small spider webs!

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Greetings from another Houston-area adventurer! I followed you back from your link to my blog. A quick scan of your blog leads me to think you'll fit in here very well.

Houston may seem devoid of wilderness but you just need to know where to look. Feel free to contact me (my e-mail is in my profile) if you want any tips. I run with a nice crew of fellow adventurers and we'd love to have you join us some times. Look up the "Piney Woods Primitive Skills" yahoo group if you want to check us out.

-Merriwether the Adventurer