Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chop chop

Mileage: 889
Days: 83
Remaining: 7
Average Daily Mileage: 10.7

Still behind, but the goal is easily within reach. I've got seven days left and 111 miles to go. I have the day off work tomorrow and I think it's time to beat my daily maximum, so far set at 23 miles. What is next? I think maybe the 1200 Mile Challenge. It helps pace the months as they go by. Hard to believe it's been three months since the start of this challenge... in some ways seems much longer and in some ways shorter. Anyhow, I'm going to add the Twice a Week Gym Challenge to my next mileage challenge.

We had some weird storms here on the west side of Houston last week. On Thursday one storm whipped up a bunch of scary wind and hail. Sabkha and I dove for the closet as I imagined my plate glass windows imploding. A few minutes later things seemed to calm down. I went to the slider door and saw this:

Uh-oh! My Bradford Pear was on the ground, and it took out my legume tree too. Sad day. A bit of cutting later (with help from Debi and Mary) and we had this:

Not sure what to do with it now. Bit by bit I'll put it out by the trash. In other news, Debi had a garage sale and brought in about $250. It's hot as heck in Houston and we had a mostly inside-weekend, watched a movie and bummed around the houses (east side -- west side). All in all a nice time.

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