Wednesday, July 09, 2008

1000 miles by bike, 2500 miles by car

Yah! I did it! Kind of...

Mileage: 1000.2
Days: 90+1
Remaining: 0
Average Daily Mileage: 11.1

I had planned to go to Colorado last week, or somewhere with Debi and Mary. But circumstances brought me to Arizona. Was it absolutely necessary? Not sure, but I got to see some old friends, hike some old trails, and take care of the old house for one last week. Got things (green yard things) whipped into shape for the closing this Saturday. As of the Friday before the trip, the 1000 miles riding was not complete. Sunday was the last day, and I'd be in Tucson. So I packed up the bike, drove to Tucson. Sunday the temp reached 106 F, followed immediately by an amazing monsoonal windstorm. No ride. So I took a mulligan and did it the next day. Rode out the old Rillito pathway to Craycroft then back the other way to wherever it goes west, then home and around the "block" five times to make it to 28 miles. I thought it a bit odd that I had driven my car 1000 miles in the previous one day, but ridden my bike 1000 miles in the previous 90 days!

It was good to be back in AZ, although I couldn't get over what a dump central Tucson is. Still, it has that special magic that tugs at the heart. The smell of palo verde or creosote or whatever that is in the air (*sneeze*)... the wonderful cool nights... the beautiful mountains. We (Sabkha and me and various friends) made the trip "up the mountain" four times for hiking. Sab was tired and got tenderpaw. But you could tell she was home again. Got to see Erik and Sara and their place -- very homey and tidy and nice. Russ and Sab rekindled their friendship.

What's the new challenge? I don't know. I'm taking a little time off. Probably something like another 1000 mile challenge. Right now I'm facing "clean and fix up the house" challenge. The downed pear tree (see previous post) still is not cleaned up. I'm unpacking from AZ. Also have various sell-house-related chores. Oh yes, and there is the small matter of getting a new bike or some reward for my mileage. This post is rambling a bit, but I need to wrap up a few things and get them down on paper / on screen.

I've been obsessing over two main things: 1) whether to buy a new car, and which one; and 2) whether to move out to Katy and to which house. I'm suspecting posts on these will follow, especially on the car, because I need to clear out my mind. It's full of car.

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Congratulations on the completion of your 1000 mile challenge!!