Sunday, April 20, 2008

2 out of 7

As I write this blog entry I'm sitting outside on my patio. It's nice to see the sky, and it's relaxing to be outside. I just returned from my longest bike ride of the 1,000 Mile Challenge -- out to Fry Road and back, somewhere around 20 miles. It's been a good and long-feeling weekend, partially due to the half-day on Friday. Friday night I met D and M at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park. Houston does have some great institutions. I'm starting to like the place again -- especially with this great 80-degree, 50% humidity weather. Ahhhh. Not so desert-dry as Tucson, and not so nasty humid as summertime here. The show on Friday was Peter Pan, and we were a bit far away to see much. I brought Sabkha, which was a mistake, especially after I went to the snack bar and tried to carry back nachos and a soda. She's gotta pull every which way and sniff every other dog. Returning home Friday night, I jacked up the front end of my Subaru and removed the front wheels in preparation for replacing the brake pads. Saturday morning I stated the job and it went really quickly. The Subaru has 53,000 miles on it, mostly desert miles, so most all the bits are clean and pristine. I didn't bother servicing the caliper slides, just popped off the anti-rattle clips and popped in the brake pads (after spraying them with silly-string like anti-squeal compound). By the time my helpers (D and M) arrived, I was done. Well, M did help me put the wheels back on and tighter to spec with a torque wrench. A few spins around the 'hood and the brakes felt good as new.

Today we had the typical Sunday Morning Breakfast of yummy toast, eggs and cereal. Then we hung about a bit indecisively and finally went off to a playground in Terry Hershey Park. After that we hit the Hobby and Garden superstore out by Katy. Hmm, Sunday is sounding boring but I assure you it hasn't been. It was just a nice relaxing day. D and M headed home but first we stopped at La Madeline's inside the Beltway for a late lunch. They have an excellent tomato basil soup, and all kinds of yummy morsels.

Since I didn't ride yesterday I decided to rack up some miles today, and headed west on TH Park and down Barker-Clodine. Pretty strong wind from the SSE. Kept going past the parking lot all the way out to Fry Road. Saw five snakes, two deer, two armadillos, a rabbit and a huge black wild hog which lumbered across the pathway! 700 feet down the trail I passed a couple with their dog off leash. Yikes!

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