Thursday, April 03, 2008

King of the bike path

Mileage: 30
Remaining: 970
Days: 3
Remaining: 87
Average Daily Mileage: 10

On the second ride, it almost seemed routine. I did the "fifteen miler" out along the north side of Barker Reservoir. The wind was strong and from the south. The entire way, the headset on my bike squeaked horribly. It was soooo annoying. I put some oil on it after my last ride to try and fix the problem. Took me about an hour, but no where near as fun as the first time. Still, I feel like my world has expanded... a little more grey is filled in with roads and trails on that map in my mind. The map that all geologists (and adventurers, and probably map-makers) have in their heads.
This here first picture is looking due east, back the way I'd come. The buildings in the distance are those of West Lake, where I work. In a few weeks I'm moving from the building on the right (West Lake 3) to the short building in the middle with the pinkish windows (West Lake 2). I'll be on the 13th floor and have a view to the south, of WL3, the pond, and the various roads. Should be much better than my current view of the A/C units atop the parking garage.
Lookin' west out toward Katy. One could like in Katy and commute to work, but it's quite a haul, and it rains a lot in Houston.
Heading south on Barker-Clodine. Much more wooded than I had expected. No snakes tonight -- instead, hundreds of caterpiller worm things.

In other (and more important) news, Debi became a citizen yesterday! After hours of grueling interviews and force-feeding of cheeseburgers and fries, then more hours of waiting, she took her oath on Wednesday morning. Now she can vote! To celebrate we went to the 59 Diner (American) at our favorite little area in Montrose, then went over to Empire Cafe for coffee.

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