Sunday, April 06, 2008

...a giant nuclear furnace

Mileage: 55.5
Remaining: 944.5
Days: 7
Remaining: 83
Average Daily Mileage: 7.9

Today was a two-snake ride out on the normal "route". 15 miles. My mileage isn't going so well...

This weekend Debi and I parked out at the turn-around point on Barker-Clodine and road out toward Katy. A nice trail, and a nice day -- but the sun is getting hot. You can tell summer is approaching when it's only 75 F but the sun makes it feel like 90. We rode around some neighborhoods looking at houses and watching how the neighborhoods change.

That's all the riding I got in this weekend. Hopefully a few consecutive 15-mile evening rides will bring me back up to my daily average. I feel like a kid procrastinating on his reading homework, each day thinking "well, I can finish the book if I can read 300 pages each day...".

During the day at work I think of all these things to blog about, but then I sit down here at night and nothing comes to mind. Work is work, I don't want to blog too much about that, might get in trouble.

Sunday late afternoon Debi and Mary left and I went into super yard mode. I mowed, edged, blew the clippings into the street, fertilized the grass, watered, trimmed, and vacuumed. It felt good. The yard looks pretty good except under the magnolia tree (too much shade?) and in the places where I chopped down into the turf with the mower. Interesting how something that doesn't really matter, and doesn't last (a mowed lawn) is so satisfying to accomplish...


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